Data Driven
Musculoskeletal Monitoring 

Yogger provides innovative technology to improve patient musculoskeletal monitoring and help patients progress post operation or through physical therapy. With Yogger you can capture accurate motion data in person or virtually. Monitor patients musculoskeletal health while increasing home exercise plan adherence, driving better long term outcomes and increasing your bottom line.

Sports Injury

In Person or At Home

Yogger's flexibility allows you to gather and continue giving excellent care virtually or in person. Gather movement data in person via the free form analysis or our motion assessments. Then monitor patient progress and share videos and images with our secure, shared cloud storage and communication portal.

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Administer Assessments

Yogger's Assessments are automated, mobile and easy for clinicians and patients. With Yogger's assessments, patients can complete different movement screenings from their phones or tablets for various, common movements. Yogger records all the pertinent biomechanical information from the test and packages it up into a simple score and report for you and your patients to see.

Assessment Use Cases
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Use Yogger's Motion Assessments as a pre-screening tool to get information prior to ever seeing a patient!

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Baseline Data

Set a baseline goal and work towards a new one. Yogger's assessments were designed to highlight improvement. 

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Monitoring Tool

Keep up to date with patient's at home. Periodic assessments can show improvement and keep patient's motivated.

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Add Revenue

Offer your expertise for new revenue. Quickly and easily highlight areas of concern and in turn draw up intervention. 

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

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Yogger provides technology to remotely monitor musculoskeletal patient data. If you're a qualified healthcare professional, you may be able to take advantage of the new CPT Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes in your business and generate up to $125 per patient/month. 


With Yogger you can remotely monitor patient adherence to their home exercise plan, with easy self reporting options for your medicare patients.

Grow your business by taking advantage of new CPT codes with Yogger and get started now!

RTM Code
Initial set-up and patient education on use of the equipment
Supply of Device for Monitoring Musculoskeletal System. Device(s) supply with daily recording(s) or programmed alert transmission, each 30 days
Monitoring/Treatment Management Services, first 20 minutes
Monitoring/Treatment Management Services, each additional 20 minutes