Optimize Your Performance with Yogger's Video Analysis

Run faster, jump higher, and perfect your form with Yogger's video analysis tools. 

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How it Works

    Yogger’s state-of-the art mobile app offers the ability for you to critique your own form with the best tools available. Record, Playback and Analyze all with Yogger’s video analysis suite of tools.

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Woman working out with the Yogger Mobile App


Record your own video, or upload a previous recording. Yogger gives you the ability to take full control of your device's camera settings to get the best footage possible. 


Visualize your movement with Yogger's video playback and automatic motion tracking. In addition to our flexible frame by frame analysis, and video controls, Yogger displays visual references for joint and angle location to help critique your form.

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Woman using the Yogger Mobile App and checking progress
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Yogger Mobile app tracking progress with a golf swing


At the core of Yogger is giving you meaningful ways to track progress in the form of OBJECTIVE data. Yogger provides real time biomechanical data for dynamic and static movements, that can be saved and stored so you can quantify your performance. 

Our Video Analysis Suite

Slow Motion
man running in slow motion

Slow your movement down by recording video in up to 240 FPS for frame by frame analysis. 

Motion Path Tracing
infographic of the yogger mobile app tracking a mans joints

Visualize the path of your motion as Yogger will track and draw lines from beginning to end.

Single Frame Extraction
infographic of a woman doing a lunge

Save still images of larger movements along with all of the biomechanical data associated with the single frame.

Automatic Joint Tracking
man getting tracked by the yogger mobile app

No wasted time drawing or calculating angles, Yogger will track and plot points for all major joints instantly!

Side by Side Analysis
woman dribbling a ball side by side

Compare saved videos across time or even single reps with side by side video analysis. 

Save Notes and Data
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Save videos to a single location in custom categories. Take notes and sort videos by date.