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Democratizing Motion Analysis.

We're bringing the power of machine learning and motion capture to the everyday athlete, coach, personal trainer, physical therapist and healthcare provider. 

With just a mobile device or webcam, automatically track motion, assess movement in seconds. No sensors, no expensive cameras. Just click and record from your phone.

Motion Analysis


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Whether it's capturing a single limb range of motion, or perfecting your form in your favorite sport, Yogger makes gathering and analyzing movement easy. Capture a video, play it back, take notes, and track progress!

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Yogger powers you to gauge movement health with our automated functional motion assessments. Perform an assessment anywhere and get a score, objective data on the motion and a report in seconds. 

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Yogger makes coaching and patient monitoring easy. Send assessments, assign exercise or drills, streamline your communication and share videos and data all in one place. 

What Our Users Have to Say

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"Yikes! I needed this decades ago! I have so many client videos that get watched over and over again to search out new information. This technology dramatically helps me communicate with my clients and  assess them for ways to improve their health and performance."


San Francisco

a man doing a side lunge with a weight
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"From my personal experience sometimes doing assessments takes a long time especially if it’s just one coach doing them on multiple athletes. Yogger is so easy, you can have someone perform multiple movements and gather a lot of information in a short amount of time."


New York

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"As a personal trainer & massage therapist I've been using Yogger to deliver better results for my clients. Before Yogger, I had to video, freeze frame, take a screenshot, and use Markup on the screenshot all before I could tell them what I needed to tell them."



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